When you’re new to Norditropin®, the idea of adding an injection to your daily routine may seem a little daunting. After all, evenings are often a busy time for many families, with after-school and sports activities, homework, dinner, and bedtime and to take care of.

Getting into a consistent routine is important, because taking the medication just as your doctor prescribed it will help it work the best. We reached out to parents of children taking Norditropin® for their tips for setting up an injection routine. Here are 5 great tips they shared that may just work for your busy schedule, too:

Setting up a Norditropin® routine.

Parent Tip 1

All together now! Parents say that storing everything needed for the injection in a box or caddy makes things more convenient. “I like to ensure that giving Aria her injection is as hassle-free as possible,” said Shauna. “When the needles, sharps container, and alcohol swabs are stored together, I don’t have to go around the house looking for anything.”

Don’t forget that after first use, FlexPro® pens can be stored at room temperature (up to 77°F) for up to 3 weeks after initial injection.a So your pen may be able to go right in the box, too!

Badge: Refrigeration optional. After first use (up to 77 degrees)

aAll unused Norditropin® products must be refrigerated (36°F to 46°F) prior to first use. Do not freeze and avoid direct light. After first injection, Norditropin® pens can either be stored outside of the refrigerator (up to 77°F) for use within 3 weeks, or in the refrigerator (between 36°F and 46°F) for use within 4 weeks.

Parent Tip 2

Same place, same time. Being consistent with the place and time for the daily injection is important to setting a routine. Some parents choose to give it in their child’s bedroom after they’ve brushed their teeth. Other kids may be more comfortable having their injection in the living room while watching TV. Parents say that no matter what works for your child, just aim for a consistent place and time to reduce the likelihood of missing a dose. “The injection is just part of what we do before bed; we try to make it a normal part of Emmy’s routine,” said Amanda.

Parent Tip 3

Team effort. Making your child “Team Captain” may help make injection time something to look forward to. Shauna says her daughter enjoys participating in the process by keeping track of her injection site each day and double-checking the dose counter on the FlexPro® pen after mom dials it in.

Parent Tip 4

Check it off! Keep track of Norditropin® injections on a calendar, with a sticker or a checkmark to mark off each day. Some parents also keep a journal of injections so they can note what’s going well and track trends. For example, “Justin is more tired on days he has soccer practice, so let's try doing his injection earlier.”

Calendar icon

Parent Tip 5

High fives! Praise, hugs, or high fives are a great way to celebrate another injection completed and reinforce why it’s important. Looking for more ideas on positive reinforcement? You’ll find them here: Creative Ways to Reward Your Child.

Please see Instructions for Use for complete injection instructions and storage information.

Please note that the situations, experiences, and tips described in this article are not intended as medical advice. They are unique to the families depicted and are not necessarily the typical experiences of families with children who have growth hormone–related disorders or are being treated with Norditropin®. Talk to your health care provider regarding the treatment of growth disorders or any health concerns you have.

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