Help along the way.

Whether you’re new or an “old pro” with Norditropin®, you’re bound to have questions. Here, we’ve collected some real-world tips that can help make the road a little less bumpy.

Two children looking at Norditropin pen

How to set up–and stick with–an injection routine.

When you’re new to Norditropin®, the idea of adding an injection to your daily routine may seem a little daunting. After all, evenings are often a busy time for many families, with after-school and sports activities, homework, dinner, and bedtime to take care of.

Learn 5 great tips

Norditropin Patient Aria with her cousin

Creative ways to reward your child.

For many kids, getting a daily injection can be tough at times. On those days when your son or daughter is less than excited about it, a little positive reinforcement can go a long way!

Find out how to keep your child motivated

Norditropin Patient Josh with his parents in Thailand

On the road—and in the air—with Norditropin®.

If you’re planning a family trip and wondering how to travel with Norditropin®, it may be helpful to know that with some preparation, you can take it with you, whether you’re going across the state or across the globe.

Explore some great travel tips

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Starting the conversation with friends and family.

Once you’ve made the decision to treat your child with Norditropin®, you might wonder when and how to talk to family and friends about your choice. It may be helpful for you to learn how other parents have handled this situation.

Get practical advice on talking about treatment