Meet kids and families.

Learn more about diagnosis, treatment, and overcoming obstacles along the way through the stories of children with growth disorders.

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Norditropin patient Emmy and her mom, Amanda

Get tips and inspiration.

Looking for tips that can help smooth out the bumps in the road? You’ll find them right here.

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Two boys looking over a railing

Find support.

Parents and caregivers of children with growth disorders can find support, community, and education through growth-related patient organizations, such as the MAGIC Foundation.

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Two children looking at Norditropin pen

How to set up (and stick to) an injection routine.

When you’re new to Norditropin®, the idea of adding an injection to your daily routine may seem a little daunting. After all, evenings are often a busy…

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Norditropin patient Aria

Getting referred to a specialist.

Shauna is the mom of Aria, who is 8 years old. They live in Waconia, Minnesota. Here, Shauna tells the story of finding out that Aria has growth…

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