Working with your insurance provider, determining how to afford treatment, and learning how to do an injection may seem challenging. We created NordiCare®, a program, to help you through these issues.

One-on-one with somebody who knows your situation.

Your NordiCare® coverage starts when you are assigned a dedicated Case Manager. This person will be your NordiCare® point of contact throughout your entire experience with Norditropin® (somatropin injection). Once prescribed Norditropin, your Case Manager will work both with you and with your doctor's office, helping you to coordinate your insurance coverage.

Patient Services

Help with your insurance.

We have educational resources and dedicated people to help you understand the insurance approval process, and to help you overcome common obstacles.

Your Case Manager will check your insurance coverage, and from that point on will help you work with your insurance company. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover Norditropin®, NordiCare® will tell you what therapy options it does cover.

Navigating Insurance Obstacles

Paying for Norditropin®.

Novo Nordisk offers several ways to help qualifying patients receive Norditropin if it has been prescribed. Learn more about the product assistance options available through NordiCare®.

Product Assistance