Learn about the different conditions that Norditropin® is used to treat, good questions for your health care provider, and how to find patient advocacy groups.

What is “normal” growth?

It’s impossible to say what is “normal” for any one individual, because everyone is different. But there are some standards to consider. Together, you and your health care provider can determine what normal growth for your child might look like. In general, over the course of months or years, parents of a child who is growing normally will notice some or all of the following milestones:

  • The child outgrowing clothes and shoes

  • The child losing “baby” teeth and getting “adult” teeth in

  • The child progressing along the doctor’s growth chart

When to take action.

You might be the first to notice that your child is not growing. You may see they are not keeping up in height with other children their age, or they are not outgrowing shoes and clothes, or not losing teeth. In other cases, your child’s primary health care provider may be the first to notice the problem. By tracking growth on a growth chart, the doctor may see that your child’s growth rate is slowing down or is not what it should be.

More resources.

Patients and their families can find support, community, and education through various patient organizations. Take a look at our list of Patient Advocacy Groups.